Shortly after I started playing trumpet, my great-grandfather, a WWII veteran, was in hospice care. My family talked about how great it would be if I could play Taps at his funeral. Sadly, he passed away before I had the chance to learn the notes. After I’d been playing the trumpet for five years, I heard that many veterans receive a recorded playing of Taps instead of a live performance and this moved me to found the Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps.

I play trumpet in the Oklahoma Homeschool Bands and the Oklahoma Youth Orchestras. I’m grateful to the music teachers that I’ve had over the years, including: Ms. Ashley Ray, Mr. Tom Rye, Mr. David Bellows, Mr. Ben Fast, Dr. Kyle VanderburgMr. Jay Wilkinson and Dr. Eric Garcia.

When I’m not playing my trumpet, I’m probably studying art at the Conservatory for Classical Art.

Katie Prior
Founder, Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps