FAQs / What if I get a call on a school day?


Many veteran funerals are held on weekdays, so you may have to miss school. If you get a call for a day that you cannot miss school, you may respectfully decline and contact YTTC so we can help find another bugler. Because notice is short, we recommend that you get approval from your band director and high school principal at the beginning of each school year. Students should follow their schools policy for requesting and documenting absences.

Download our School Principal Letter to get approval for missing class. Absences need to be approved in advance, even in states that provide excused absences for students participating in Military Honors funerals.

Texas Education Code § 25.087(b-4)(2)(c) A school district may excuse a student in grades 6 through 12 for the purpose of sounding “Taps” at a military honors funeral held in this state for a deceased veteran.

Oklahoma State Dept. of Education [70 O.S. § 10-105(B)] A school district shall excuse a student from attending school for the purpose of participating in a military funeral honors ceremony upon approval of the school principal. (Senate Bill 1715)

West Virginia Board of Education Policy 6302 – Taps at Military Funerals, 6302.4.4 Absences incurred through participation in the sounding of Taps shall be considered an excused absence as a school approved cocurricular/extra- curricular activity. (WVEIS Code X-1)

Wisconsin Board of Education 430-Rule (2)  Students in grades 6 to 12 will be excused for the purpose of sounding “Taps” during a military honors funeral for a deceased veteran.

Illinois Statutes 105 ILCS 5/26-1 7. A child in any of grades 6 through 12 absent from a public school on a particular day or days or at a particular time of day for the purpose of sounding “Taps” at a military honors funeral held in this State for a deceased veteran…” Click here to see full text and requirements.

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