Tenth Grader Recruits Other High School Trumpet Players To Play Taps At Military Funerals


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Tenth Grader Recruits Other High School Trumpet Players To Play Taps At Military Funerals

June 20, 2015 – Katie Prior would like to invite Wisconsin high school trumpet players to attend the Taps for Veterans training workshop at the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center in downtown Milwaukee on Monday, August 3, 2015, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

The Taps for Veterans workshop will focus on training high school trumpet players from across the state who are interested in volunteering to play Taps at military veterans’ funerals. The initiative was taken by Katie Prior- a tenth grader herself- when she discovered that many veterans receive an audio recording of Taps instead of a live performance. To honor the true spirit of the veterans and to give them the distinguished Final Honors they deserve, Katie formed the Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps as her Girl Scout Gold Award project and has since expanded the program from Oklahoma to three other states: Texas, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

The program, to be held in Milwaukee on August 3rd, will focus on connecting local funeral directors with high school trumpet players who are interested in volunteering to sound Taps. For the full details on this workshop, please see: http://trumpetandtaps.org/volunteer/milwaukee.

Student volunteers will be eligible to earn $25 college tuition vouchers for each funeral they play in as part of the Taps tuition voucher program facilitated by the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.

About the Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps
Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps Association is a service organization dedicated to honoring military veterans and is operated by high school trumpet players volunteering to use their gifts for the services. The organization is based in Oklahoma and has a mission to train, support, and recognize high school trumpet players who volunteer and also to foster patriotism in youth through volunteerism. Formed in 2014 by Katie Prior for her Girl Scout Gold Award Project, YTTC has 30 student volunteers in Oklahoma, Texas, and Illinois, and is currently recruiting volunteers across the country.

To learn more about the Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps visit www.TrumpetAndTaps.org.

Contact: Katie Prior, volunteer@trumpetandtaps.org, (725) 222-9882

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