AlWood High School Student Initiates Law to Allow Students to Volunteer at Military Funerals


AlWood High School Student Initiates Law to Allow Students to Volunteer at Military Funerals

August 12, 2016 [Spingfield, IL] 17-year old Jack Bumann of Woodhull, Illinois, initiated the lawmaking process that grants student trumpet players an excused absence when missing school to play Taps at a military funeral.

HB4432 unanimously passed the Illinois Senate and House of Representatives and was  ceremoniously signed into law by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner at the Illinois State Fair on Sunday, August 14, 2016. (photo below)
I saw this as an opportunity to give back to Illinois veterans.” said Jack Bumann, who is a senior at AlWood High School and is a member of the Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps, a service organization for high school trumpet players who use their musical gifts to honor military veterans.

Jack played his first funeral in the summer of 2015. Since many military funerals take place during the school day, Jack knew he would need to advocate for excused absences if he wanted to volunteer during the school year. Jack worked with his State Representative, Honorable Donald L. Moffitt.

“Jack has paved the way for more high school students in the state of Illinois to get involved in honoring our Nation’s Heroes,” says Katie Prior, founder of the Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps — an eleventh grader herself who lives in Oklahoma. When Katie discovered that many veterans funerals have an audio-recording of Taps, she founded the organization to engage her peers to provide live Taps at veterans’ funerals. Katie earned her Girl Scout Gold Award for the project in 2015 and has since expanded the program to include over 116 student volunteers in 30 states across the country. Until now only four other states have granted excused absences for students–Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

Honoring youth volunteerism, student volunteers will be eligible to earn $25 tuition cards for each funeral served in 2016 thanks to a donation from LeadingAgile.

For more information on the Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps, visit or

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Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps Association is a service organization dedicated to honoring military veterans and is operated by high school trumpet players volunteering to use their musical gifts. The organization is based in Oklahoma and has a mission to train, support, and recognize high school trumpet players who volunteer and also to foster patriotism in youth through volunteerism.


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